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  • Slider No Left Behind

    No-One Gets
    Left Behind.

    “…CrossFit equals ‘community’ and this one
    is a great one where no one gets left behind.”
    – Katie Watling

  • Slider No Lockin Contracts

    No lock-in

    “One of the best things about Inventive is that
    they offer a month to month membership.
    I am not locked into a contract which gives me
    that reassurance of flexibility.”
    – Michael Alford

  • Slider Performance


    “The gold star that appears on Wodify for a new PR
    is awesome because it shows you that you are
    progressing and continually improving.”
    – Daniel Djoeandy

  • Slider Safety


    “The coaches at Inventive pride themselves on safety and encourage you train hard with safe movement & lifting practise in a happy environment. “
    – Courtney Mawson

Why @crossfitinventive?

At CrossFit Inventive our motto is ‘No one gets left behind.’

At our gym, we pride ourselves in creating you a community which has a real family feel, you will have fun & get results!

Our friendly coaches will help you become stronger, help you lose weight and help you reach your fitness goals.

Our unique programming and coaching style will cater to YOU and no matter what fitness level you are at our state of the art online performance tracking system WODIFY will ensure you are achieving your goals.

We believe in ourselves, therefore we believe in you!

Jase & Tash

What Our Clients Say

Troy Whittaker

Troy Whittaker

After being involved in weight training and bodybuilding for over 20 years at the age of 42 I was finding as I got older it was becoming increasingly more difficult to get the results I wanted. I was finding it hard to lose weight but keep muscle size and strength at the same time. I started exploring other fitness avenues and after researching a bit online and receiving some great reviews, this is where I found CrossFit Inventive.

Jase and Tash from CrossFit Inventive offered me a free introductory beginners assessment, after this I was hooked and I joined. Within 6 months of joining CrossFit Inventive I had lost a total of 21kgs. My body weight was 116kg when I started over a year ago, I now weigh 95kg and feel fit healthy and strong, the best I’ve ever felt! Physically and mentally the changes and results were immediate and I have been able to maintain my weight loss. It has been an amazing journey so far and I am a better husband, father and person. Being apart of CrossFit Inventive has been the one consistent thing I’ve had, its saved my life & I have made life long friends.

Jess White

Jess White

I started training at CrossFit Inventive 18 months ago and not long after joining, I found out I was pregnant. At first I was worried about being able to continue training but the coaches were fantastic, thoughtful and knowledgeable of my limits.
It was no hassle to scale back and modify the workouts to suit my capabilities and I was able to continue training right through my pregnancy. After giving birth the coaches welcomed me back and again scaled my workouts to suit my capabilities, until I could begin full training again.
With Tash and Jase, nothing to too big an ask, they even look after my baby while I train. This has really helped reassure and motivate me to train every day and push myself to be stronger and fitter than I was last week.

Joanne Locke

Joanne Locke

I was on the downhill run, 54 years old & 30 kgs overweight. I was lacking in strength and vitality and was unmotivated. I lacked the drive- damn menopause!!!! Whilst I had no diagnosis of a medical condition my lower back was weak and vulnerable. I ” had to watch it”. Any sudden off the mark movement or high impact movements would send momentary painful spasms shooting through my lower spine. My blood pressure and cholesterol were creeping up to levels where medications would be need to be implemented. My children told me “CrossFit is for you mum.” I told them “Don’t be ridiculous, you have to be fit for CrossFit and besides it’s all squats and I HATE SQUATS!!
4 months ago I decided to look into it more and came across Jase & Tash from CrossFit Inventive. They assured me they would modify the workouts for me & scale to my ability, CrossFit Inventive quickly became apart of my daily morning routine.

I started out not being able to do anything at all at high impact, even shuttle runs had to be shuttle walks because of my back. My squat consisted of me having a slight bend in my knees and the most I could lift was maximum 5kgs on a bar. Just 4 months down the track & I am now doing high impact exercise, my back has not had one single problem, my blood pressure and cholesterol are within normal limits & my strength has returned! I can now lift things in the house and garden that I couldn’t before.
Jason Hebbard’s (head coach) expertise and years of experience with physical well being is evident. I quickly learn’t to trust his coaching capabilities as I soon realised he knew how my body worked and how it would respond. He knows when to introduce me to a new skill and knows when to keep my focused on my current form.
My goal when I first commenced was to just walk through the doors at CrossFit Inventive every morning… I succeed, I am 13 kgs lighter, feeling much stronger and fitter and finally I have a bit of drive and motivation. It feels good, really good!

The encouragement and friendliness from the fellow CrossFittter’s at Inventive has been an added bonus to the whole experience. Who knows one day my goal might be to do the length of the gym with hand stand walks!

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