You are now into your new fitness journey and have entered into the wonderful world of CrossFit with us…

Look we know what you are thinking…  What the heck is a TTB or an HRPU?

You have literally entered a new fitness world and everything probably seems very different 

BUT don’t stress… we have ALL been there

Here are 10 thoughts that I am 99% sure you’ve had or will have cross your mind…

1️⃣ You’re pretty certain you need language tutoring… CrossFit is a whole new language…

2️⃣ There is legit an acronym for almost everything…  HSPU, TTB, EMOM, AMRAP, OHS!?

3️⃣ You thought the coach was swearing at you when they first explained a Clean & Jerk

4️⃣ Will these bruises I have on my shins, quads and collar bones ever go away?

5️⃣ You’re looking forward to the day you can double under without whipping yourself on the back of your legs

6️⃣ You will accept the fact your nice smooth hands are long gone- calluses from pull-ups  and the barbell will be with you forever

7️⃣You are wondering who the hell is Fran, Grace & Isabel and what did they do to be so hated amongst the community 

8️⃣ You giggled a little bit when you heard the movement SNATCH

9️⃣It’s more than just a gym… It’s an awesome community where everyone cheers you on, gives high fives and actually knows your name!

🔟 We really are a big gym family