I look back to when I was in school; I always played team sports, netball, water polo even rugby union!  When it came to the gym and training I tried really hard at going to the gym and exercising on my own… and to be completely honest it always felt like a “chore.” I was rarely feeling motivated to go to the gym by myself… I would do a 30min walk/jog on the treadmill and think “Yep that’s me for today” I just didn’t have that push or drive to do it on my own and I still don’t…

Sound familiar?? 

My passion for fitness didn’t truly develop until I met my Husband, Jase. He owned a small group fitness PT studio and through a mutual friend I decided to give the whole gym thing another crack! From the very first session I knew I was going to love it, training in a group environment is honestly the best way to stay motivated on your health and fitness journey. I was suddenly surrounded by likeminded people, legendary people who were in it not just for them but for me too. I remember a small milestone like an 800m run time trial (I have never been a long distance runner, and always dread the thought of a 5, 6, 800m or 1km run… On this particular session we were testing our 800m run times and for me it was a massive achievement to run it in 5 minutes… and I did it! The amount of support I received from others who were also in that session that day was unbelievable… it honestly blew me away. It felt so good to have achieved this small milestone but most of all it felt so good knowing everyone was sharing my success. This is what a group training environment is all about. WE SHARE OUR SUCCESS 

Training in a group is also a great way to keep yourself accountable. One of the biggest reasons lifestyle changes DON’T stick is because we don’t hold ourselves accountable. The hard truth sometimes is that when we realise the work is involved in changing your lifestyle, it can get quite overwhelming and instead of taking a step towards that goal we take a step back and let the negative thoughts take over forcing ourselves into the same old holding pattern.

Having likeminded people around you who share similar goals helps you (& them) to stay focused when the going gets tough. Sometimes it is hard to stay on track on our own so having an accountability partner or even a group of people to help is a great option. 

When choosing an accountability partner or group to train with its best to inform them of exactly why you’re making this lifestyle change and how you want them to help you. Also ask them how you can be of help to them, after all they may be in the same boat! You want someone/a group who is willing to challenge you and hold you to a higher standard. Someone/a group who genuinely cares and will check in on your progress. You also should be willing to reciprocate these gestures. AND REMEMBER… being personally responsible is JUST AS important as having someone invest in you.

Next step would be discussing your plans and goals. This helps work out possible obstacles in the future and having a different perspective can even identify blocks you may not have thought about. You want a partner in this that will push you out of your comfort zone and won’t let you get off course.  And if you do get off course, they’ll be right there to push you forward and vice versa.

A massive win to training in a group or having an accountability buddy is realising you’re NOT alone.  You have someone/a group to vent your frustrations to, someone/a group to celebrate your successes with and someone/a group who is looking for the same in you!

Being a part of a group of like-minded individuals can boost your self-esteem and help keep you on track. It can also work wonders on your social life. Having friends with the same goals can change what social events you attend and make it easier to stick to your goals. Whether you have a group or one buddy, accountability makes accomplishing your goals a reality.