CrossFit Inventive – Bullet Proof


30 red banded nose bridges

20 tricep ext

20 lat pull-dpwns

20 alt shoulder taps

20 russian KBS

5 single leg SLDL E/S

10 side plank reach throughs E/S


Metcon (No Measure)

3 Large sets:

10 Dumbbell bench press @AHAP

8 single leg Bulgarian split lunges E/S

10 Banded Russian KBS

100m Sled pull @AHAP

2 mins rest

Metcon (No Measure)

In groups of 2:

Rotate through on every minute x 4 sets: (16 mins)

Station 1-10-15 GHD sit-ups

Station 2- 30 sec Max effort stationary dips

Station 3- 10-15 Barbell bicep curls

Station 4- 30 sec max over head plate sit-ups

*Scale or substitute the GHD sit-ups to weighted ab-mat sit-ups if groups are more than two.