CrossFit Inventive – CrossFit


Twisted Cross 30 Seconds Each Side

Puppy Dog Pose 30 Seconds

Couch Stretch – 1 Minutes

Calf Stretch 30 Sec each Side


2 Rounds:

300 Meter Row/Run

3 Strict Pull-Ups/Bent over row

5 Strict Dumbbell Press Each side

5 Pause Air Squats (3 Second Pause in the bottom)

Metcon (Time)


For Time:

100 Alternating DB Clean and Jerks

*OTM – 5 Burpees over DB
Working through 2 different movements in this conditioning piece

3, 2, 1 go you will complete 5 burpees, jumping laterally over the dumbbell each time

No need to extend the hips fully on our burpees today

Once you’ve completed 5 burpees immediately move into alternating DB Clean and Jerks

* See Movement Video*

DB will start with each head of the dumbbell on the ground, move to the shoulder, and finish locked out over head with a full hip extension at the top

Let’s choose a DB weight that would allow you to hit 30+ reps when fresh

When Minute 1 hits- you will complete 5 more burpees then move back to the dumbbell

Continue to move through the two movements until you’ve completed 100 DB Clean and Jerks

Your score will be however long it takes you to finish 100 DB Clean and Jerks

Be aware that if you have 2 more alternating DB clean and jerks and the clock hits the next minute you need to complete another 5 burpees then finish your two reps

Metcon (Time)

“Twisted Sister”

For Time:

5 Rounds of “Cindy”

5 Rounds of “Mary”

5 Rounds of “Cindy”

1 Round of “Cindy”:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Air Squats

1 Round of “Mary”:

5 Strict Handstand Push-ups

10 Alternating Pistols

15 Pull-ups
We’ll mash together two classic bodyweight benchmarks in this 15 round workout

You’ll complete all 5 rounds of “Cindy”, move on to the 5 rounds of “Mary”, and finish with another 5 rounds of “Cindy”

We expect this piece to take around 15-25 minutes to complete

Both of these benchmarks are designed with an upper body pull, an upper body push, and a lower body push