CrossFit Inventive – CrossFit


Row or ski 60 seconds

3 rounds:

3 inchworm 1 push-up

10 scorpions only

5 wall facing squats

10 Green banded SLDL


Barbell Tech for BOR

Bent Over Row (4 Sets 10 reps)

Build up and complete all 4 working sets at the same weight.

Keep your back flat and chest parallel to the floor.

Bar should come in contact lightly with your sternum.

Take 90 sec rest between working sets.

Metcon (Time)

Partner WOD

For Time:

M/M Pair: 3000m Row

F/F Pair: 2500m Row

M/F Pair 2500m Row

*Every 2 mins 30 Air Squats together*

* Start with 30 Air Squats *

15 min cap