CrossFit Inventive – CrossFit


60 second couch stretch E/S

4 laps banded crab walks

30 green banded SLDL


3 rounds:

100m run

3 inchworm 1 push up

5 wall squats

10 Hollow rocks

20 sec superman hold

10 slow calf pumps squeezing heals into the ground!


WOD Set up.

Metcon (Time)

Partner WOD

2 rounds for time:

300 Double unders

50 Dumbbell Burpee Box Step Over @24/20inch

50 T2B/K2E

1000m Run (together)

Double Dumbbell weight= 2 x 22.5/15kg

Please do not drop dumbbells on the boxes, start and finish with them on the floor!!!!!!