CrossFit Inventive – CrossFit


Frog Stretch 90 sec

Couch stretch 60 Sec E/S

20 Scorpions F/B

30 sec Lowerback/Hipflexor E/S

30 Sec Wrist stretch

30 sec calf stretch E/S



20 Banded Glute Bridges

20 Red banded pull-aparts

10 banded pass throughs

10 banded OHS

30 calf pumps

40 Doble unders/80 Singles

10 Wall Squats

Front Squat (On the Minute x 10:)

Build to a Heavy Single

* Starting whatever weight you best see fit.

* The goal is to build to a heavy single over the 10 minutes.

*You do not have to lift ever minute if you wish. Feel free to have a rest minute.

* We are aiming for a safe heavy single with good technique. Your depth must be full range to be counted.

*This is your opportunity to reset a good single.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


2,500/2,000 Meter Bike Erg

100 Double Unders

Time Remaining:

9 Snatches 50/35

7 Snatches 60/40

5 Snatches 70/50

Max Snatches 80/60
This 12-minute workout starts with a buy-in of MACHINE meters and double unders

After finishing those 2 stations, you’ll complete as many snatches as you can in the time remaining

Your score today is total completed snatches

You can expect to have about 5-6 minutes to accumulate snatches

If you make it to the final bar, you’ll remain at that weight until the workout is over.



50/35 Cal Assault Bike

1,200/1,000 Meter Row

1,000 Meter Run or Ski Erg


Reduce Reps

2 Minutes of Practice (100 Reps Max)

150 Single Unders (1.5x)


If you’re not there yet, reduce the weight to get the proper stimulus

You have the option to power snatch or squat snatch these weights

Use one barbell and quickly change the weights between sets