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Snatch (8 min EMOM x 1 rep )

This is technique based. Only build by 2.5-5kg max each minute if your technique is good. If you miss, retry the same weighty on the next minute.

Beginners stay light and focus on good mechanics.

This can be full or power depending on your ability to snatch. Try to full snatch if possible.

Warm-up (No Measure)


2 minute frog stretch

30 sec Couch stretch E/S

30 sec lower back hipflexor E/S

20 pass throughs

10 pass arounds each way

10 Prone snatch grip press

30 sec Internal elbow pull E/S

10 OHS

10 snatch balance


Metcon (Time)

For Time:

100 Alt DB snatch @22.5/15kg

stop and do 3 Lateral burpees over Dumbbell on every minute until complete.

*Start with 3 Lat burpees Over DB

10 min cap