CrossFit Inventive – Olympic Weightlifting



2 x 30 sec on/15 sec off :

Med bal T spine stretch

90 sec Frog stretch

30 sec Lower back/hipflexor E/S

PVC Pass throughs x 10

PVC pas arounds x 10 E/W

Over head squats x 5

Snatch Balance x 5


Power Snatch (On every 90 sec x 1 rep ( 7sets) )

3 position:

Snatch deadlift

Snatch Pull

Power Snatch

Keep load light and build to a moderate

Power Snatch (In and 8 min window)

Start light to moderate and aim to to keep weights moderate to heavy with excellent form.

Metcon (Time)

Interval “Randy”

Weight is light and fast @35/25kg

30 sec on 30 sec off for 8 mins


75 Power Snatch

*Aim is 10 reps per 30 sec + 5 in the last