We would like to thank all of our past clients who stood by us, our family and our Gym. We have relocated to the Sunshine Coast in Sunny Queensland where we are living our best lives. 

We wish you all the very best for the future.

Now, do some Burpees!

CrossFit Inventive – Olympic Weightlifting


Medball T-Spine stretch 3 x 30 sec 15 rest

Twisted Cross 30 sec E/S

30 sec Lower back/Hipflexor E/S

60 sec Frog stretch



10 pass throughs

10 pass arounds

10 OHS

10 Snatch Balance


Snatch Balance (8 MIN EMOM x 1 rep From The rig)

1 Hang Snatch High Pull + Hang Snatch + Snatch (On every 90 sec x 7 sets)

Build to a mod to heavy weight acheivable weight. This is tech nique based.

Snatch (12 mins to build to a heavy but safe tripple. )

Can be drop and reset once during the three reps if need Be. Only minimal rest after the drop.