CrossFit Inventive – Olympic Weightlifting


Frog Stretch 90 sec

wrist stretch 30 sec Front/Back

30 sec table Top stretch

30 sec Puppy dog pose

30 sec Lower Back/Hipflexor



10 PVC Pass Throughs


10 PVC Snatch Balance

10 PVC Sotts Press


1 Hang snatch pull + 1 Hang snatch + 1 Snatch pull + Snatch (On every 90 sec x 6 sets)

This is a technique complex. Stay light/Moderate and focus on hitting the key points of performance.

1 Snatch High Pull + 1 Power Snatch (On every min x 8)

You may Drop and reset after the snatch high pull if you wish.

Build to a heavy single.

Stay light and focus on form if your a beginner.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

EMOM Power Snatch up By 1 rep each minute Until Failure.

-12 minute Cap-

RX Weight @60/40kg