CrossFit Inventive – Olympic Weightlifting


60 sec Hamstring Stretch on Upright

30 Sec Lower back/hipflexor

30 Sec Spiderman Lunge hold

30 Sec wrist Front & Back

30 Sec Front Rack

30 Sec Table top



10 Wrist roations

10 Good morning

5 Front Squats


3 Hang Power Cleans

3 Hang Power cleans from below knees

3 Power Cleans



3 Sec pause below knees

3 Sec Hold mid thigh

Clean Pull

Power Clean

Pause Clean Pull + Power Clean (on every 90 x 8)

Build to a mod to heavy weight on this complex.

Pause 3 sec just below the knee, then again at Mid thigh for 3 sec, then pop the hips, shrug agressively aiming for the bar to push your elbow high and over the barbell.

If you are struggling to hold the positions, you Have found your weight.

2 Hang Power Clean 2 Hang Power Clean Below the knee 2 Power Clean (On every 90 x 8 sets)

Working our way from the top to the floor on this complex. Fight for that position.

Those last 2 power cleans need to be TNG

Hang Power Clean (10 Mins to establish 10 RM)

Volume Lifting

Must stand each rep to full extension.