CrossFit Inventive – Olympic Weightlifting


Foam Roller

Lats 1:00 min each side

Lower Back 1:00

Puppy Dog Pose on Roller 1:00

Twisted Cross 0:30 e/s

Wrist Stretch 0:30 F/B

Frog Stretch 2:00

Couch stretch 0:30 e/s

Ankle Mobility 0:30 e/s

2 Laps halo Crab walks

20 Halo Glute Bridges


10 Wrist Rotations

10 Good Mornings

3 Front Squats

2 Clean High Pulls

2 Power Cleans

2 Hang Clean High Pulls

2 Hang Power Cleans

1 Clean High Pull 1 Power Clean 1 Hang Clean High Pull 1 Hang Power Clean (On Every 90 Seconds x 7)


Stay light to moderate, focus on the a tight bar path and finding the power positions.

Aim to hold hook grip throughout.

3 High-Hang Power Cleans, 3 Hang Power Cleans, 3 Power Cleans (Go Every 90 sec x 7)

Working on some grip volume.

Position is top to bottom.

High Hang from the pockets

Hang from top of the knees

Hold the bar for TNG Power Cleans.

Power Clean (10 Reps On Every 2 Mins x 3 Sets)

Build to a heavy 10 reps TNG