CrossFit Inventive – CrossFit


Upper Body

Wrist Stretch 0:30 e/s

Front rack Stretch 0:30

Puppy Dog Pose 0:30

Twisted Cross 0:30 e/s

Lower body

Glute stretch 0:30 e/s

Lower back/Hipflexor 0:30 e/s



Bike meters



10 Good mornings

10 Wrist rotations

5 front squats

5 power Cleans


Aim to work with a partner you can share the same barbell with.

(Establish Power Clean weight)

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Teams of Two Complete

30 minute amrap

800m Bike Erg

2 Power Clean 60/40kg

2 Lateral Bar Burpees

* Increase the Power Cleans and Lateral Bar Burpees

up by 2 reps of each after each set of the 800m bike meters

*Share the workload evenly throughout

* Best to use a clicker to keep up with rounds.

Bike erg:

– Row/Ski 400m each round

Power Clean:

– Lighter loads

– Double Dumbbell

Lateral Bar Burpees:

– lateral Step over bar