CrossFit Inventive – Pure Conditioning


20 Scorpions Front/Back

Forward Fold 45 seconds

Glute Stretch 30 e/s

Calf Stretch 30 e/s

40 Calf Pumps


2:00 Machine – increasing pace throughout

200M Jog

Metcon (Time)

For Total Time

1000/800M Row/Ski

500M Run

REST 2:00

800/650M Row/Ski

400M Run

REST 2:00

600/500M Row/Ski

300M Run

REST 2:00

500/400M Row/Ski

200M Run

– Bikeerg = Double Metres

– Assault Bike = 2400/2000M then 2000/1600 then 1450/1200 then 1200/1000

– If you cannot run, or the weather doesn’t permit, add the run distance on to the machine and then rest e.g. 1500/1300M Row for the first block.
Long Piece to start your week. Lots of running under fatigue here, pace yourself accordingly on the machines, work hard on your run as you have rest after each run.