CrossFit Inventive – Pure Conditioning


2 minute machine

30 sec Glute Stretch e/s

30 sec spiderman lunge e/s

30 sec Puppy Dog pose front/side/side

20 sec Calf stretch



20 Halo Glute Bridges

100m farmers DB farmers carry (Mod weight)

6 Box step overs (no weight)

60 sec machine

6 Box step overs (Mod weight)

100m Farmers carry


Warm-up with WOD Dumbbells

Metcon (Time)


For Time:

4000/3500m Row

On E 90 sec until Complete:

6 Double DB Box Step Overs

*Start 0:00 with 6 DB- box overs

RX Dumbbell: 2×22.5/15kg

RX Box: 24/20 Inch


-Bike erg 8000/700m

-Assault Bike 8000/7000m

-Ski Erg 4000/3500m

Box Step Overs:

-Reduce Box Height

– Reduce DB weight

– Use one DB

– 10 Box jump/step overs