CrossFit Inventive – Pure Conditioning


2 minute machine

Glute 0:30

Spider-Man Lunge Hold 0:30

Lower Back/Hipflexor

Calf 0:20

Calf pump x 30


30 banded pull aparts

10 Pass throughs

10 Press e/s

10 OHS

Metcon (Time)

Go Every 6 minutes x 6 sets

6 Alt Dumbbell Devils Press

12 Alt Power Clean & Jerk

24 Cal Row

12 Alt Dumbbell Power Snatch

6 Alt Dumbbell Devils Press

RX Dumbbell 1×22.5/15kg
Move at an efficient pace all the way through. Consistent pace is the key!


– Lughter DB weightS

– Cals:

Bike erg same

Ski and Assault Bike 18 Cals

Scale row/bike cals to 18 if need be