CrossFit Inventive – Pure Conditioning


10 leg swings F/L

20 sec Calf stretch E/S

30 claf pumps

30 sec spiderman lunge hold E/S

200m Run

20/15 Cal Machine

Metcon (5 Rounds for calories)

Stamina Conditioning


Machine Calories

On the Minute [Starting at 0:00]:

200m Sprint

1 Minute Rest

(x 5 Sets)
Working the legs and lungs in these fast couplet intervals

At the top of each minute, you’ll complete a 200m all out effort.

With whatever time remains in the 4 minutes, accumulate max calories on the chosen machine.

Your score for each AMRAP is total calories.

Keep the monitor running for all 4 minutes

Rest 1 minute after the first AMRAP 4 before beginning the next AMRAP 4