We know this is a moment filled with confusion for all of us, not knowing what’s going to happen next, not seeing our love ones that and remaining home seems like a task we’ve never experienced before. We turned our heads to think “Will all my effort I’ve put into working on my body be gone?”. The answer is no.

Staying home during lockdown is not going to be the end of our fitness journey and ahead we will give you some tips you can follow to not lose focus:

1- Virtual Gym Classes:

Our gym fam has turned to technology to host virtual CrossFit classes you can do at home, you can use equipment you find at home to go with your workouts. These classes will be available until our doors can be open again.

2- Healthy Eating:

In our Social Media, you can find a section called #Healthyhumpday, where we’ve posted tons of easy and delicious recipes you can prepare only with a few ingredients, not only meals but also deserts, that will be your best friends when anxiety hits. I know staying at home can make you eat more, but these great recipes will keep healthy, and we all know that cooking is a really great way of spending our time.

3- Avoid too much exposure to news:

It’s good to keep yourself informed, so you know what to expect but reading and seeing too much news can make your head go crazy. Take a moment during the day to do something you like or meditate. Take your head into another direction so your body doesn’t get exhausted from all the craziness.

4- Do something you like:

We always have activities or hobbies we like to do, playing the guitar, reading a book, watch a TV Show, drawing, just make sure it is something you enjoy doing and get yourself into that. That will make your body and mind relax and feel happy, time will fly.

5- Wake up with a purpose:

I know waking up every day to the same routine can be very boring, so let’s try to plan our day in advance. Plan what are you going to do tomorrow, plan a delicious breakfast, watching your favorite movie or do the laundry, whatever it is, just wake up to it, you’ll be excited and realize there’s a lot of things you can do.

These are some things you can practice during social distancing and keep your body and mind healthy and in peace. This is just for now, soon we’ll. all be back out there to kick the gym. Stay Heathy!