CrossFit Inventive – CrossFit


20 scorpions F/B

Banded 3 way:

Hamstring 0:30 (left leg)

Adductor 0:30 (left leg)

Lower Back 0:30 ( left leg)

(repeat on right leg)

Twisted Cross 0:30 e/s

Puppy Dog Pose 0:30



10 Scap Pulls

20 Sec Active Hollow Hang

5 Inchwrom 1 push up

10 Frog Hops



10 Good Mornings

3 Reps of todays Tempo Deadlift

Deadlift (Tempo 3 reps on every 90 sec x 6 sets)

Tempo (3230)

– 3 seconds up

– 2 second Pause at the Top

– 3 second decent

– 0, TNG

– Same weight for all 6 sets

– Lets aim to go slightly heavy than last week if possible.

– If you didn’t do last week, work at around 60-65% of your 1 RM for all 6 sets.

Metcon (Calories)

Teams of 3


Max Ski Calories

20 Rope Climbs

100 HRPU’s

200 Burpees

– Ski Erg Must be working the entire 16 minutes to establish max Calories over the 16 minutes.

– Our other two team members must chip away at the remaining work load in its order.

– If you finish the workload within the 16 minutes, all team members work as hard as possible on establishing max Cals on the Ski erg.

– team members can rotate as much as you like on the ski.

– make sure to communicate with each other on where your up to on each rotation.

– Record max Calories

– If there is any of the Rope Climbs, HRPU’s or Burpee reps left, minus the calories of your finishing total.

EG. 100 Burpees remaining at 16 min = minus 100 cal of the ski total.

– Keep machines around the outside of the gym away from the ropes.

– If your team Can’t get the rope first, start on the push ups or Burpees.

* No Bikes today, ski or ROW ONLY (Grip it & Rip It)

* 3 Laying to standing rope climbs + 1 Rope climb

Or 3 Strict pull-up = 1 rope climb