CrossFit Inventive – CrossFit


20 Scorpions Front back

30 sec Lower back/Hip Flexor e/s

30 sec glute e/s

30 sec Twisted Cross e/s

30 sec Puppy Dog pose e/s



20 Banded SLDL

15 Russian KB Swings

10 Goblet reverse lunges

5 KB-Push press e/s


Go through 5 reps of each movement with RX weights

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

60/50 Cal Row/Bike

20 Double KB-Russian Swings

20 Double KB-Thrusters

60/50 Cal Row/Bike

20 Double KB-Reverse Front Rack Lunges

20 Double KB-Push Press

60/50 Cal Row/Bike

RX Kettlebell= 2 x 16/12kg

Reduce Kettlebell weight as needed.


Row and Bike erg the same cals.

Assault bike and Ski erg:

50/40 cals

Metcon (No Measure)


3 Sets:

25 Weighted Sit-ups

20 BarbellBent Over Rows

15 Banded Glute bridges (2 sec pause)
Find a dumbbell you can hold on your chest in two hands and perform 25 reps unbroken.

Barbell BOR should be light to moderate, making sure we can touch our sturnim/Rib cage area each rep.

Have a 2 sec Pause on each banded glute bridge with hips at full extension.

12 min cap