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(No Measure)

Shoulder mobility

banded pull aparts

5 inchworm 1 push-up

spiderman lunge holds




2 MILITARY PRESS + 3 PUSH PRESS (4 Sets 1 Rep 90 sec rest)

Start @ 55% of 1 RM C&J for Men. Start at 50% of 1RM C&J for Women.

Target 10kg increase/week if working sets are above 120kg.

Target 5kg increase/week if working sets are below 120kg.

Metcon (Time)

Five sets for time:

5 C&J 70/40kg

10 C2B

Rest 60 seconds

Rest 5 minutes, and then…

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

5 Min Amrap of:


10 T2B

20 Double-Unders

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