CrossFit Inventive – CrossFit


50 red banded pull-aparts

20 pass throughs

Hip function:

2 laps of walking quad pulls

2 laps of walking high knee pulls

2 laps open close gate

2 laps of alt walking lunges

40 calf pumps


3 sets:

working on todays Dumbbell movements with light weight.

6 alternating DB hang split lunges

5 scap pulls

6 alternating DB hang split clean & jerk


Metcon (Weight)

Super Set x 3 sets.

10 x Double Dumbbell Floor Press @AHAP


Accumulate 30 seconds of L-ring hold.

90 rest.

*Chose own weight for Dumbbell floor press. Aim to use the same weight for the 3 working sets.

Metcon (Time)

Modified CFG “Split Triplet”

5 rounds for time:

5 strict pull-ups

50 Double unders

10 x Single Arm DB Hang Split Snatches @1 x22.5/15kg

10 x Single Arm DB Hang Clean Split Jerks. @1 x22.5/15kg

15 minute cap

*If anyone is having trouble with the movement or cant split feet for injury reasons then:

*Scale to Alt DB Hang Snatches

*Scale to Alt DB Hang clean & Jerk