CrossFit Inventive – Pure Conditioning


Glute Stretch 30 seconds each side

Twisted Cross 30 seconds each side

Puppy Dog Pose 30 seconds

Calf stretch 30 seconds each side

30 Calf Pumps


1 Round:

8/5 Cals

5 Strict Push-ups

20 Single Skips

8/5 Cals

5 Strict Push-ups

40 Dubz or 20 Single Skips

Metcon (No Measure)

Every 5 Minutes x 6 Sets:

18/14 Cal Machine

15 Strict Push-ups

45 Double-Unders

18/14 Cal Machine
Work hard for more rest, but move through each exercise efficiently.

Aim for at least 1 minute rest each set.

Try and finish with consistent times each set.



– Reduce Cals only if your falling behind.

Strict Push-ups:

– from your knees.

-Double Dumbbell Bent Over Row


– 90 Singles if you are not performing double-unders