CrossFit Inventive – CrossFit


Banded Shoulder Mobility

Couch 1:00 e/s

Glute 0:30 e/s

Spiderman Lunge Hold 0:30 e/s

Wrist 0:30 F/B

30 calf Pumps

Calf Stretch on Upright 0:30 e/s



20 Banded Pull aparts

10 Pass Throughs

10 Press E/S

10 Push ups

1:00 Min Skipping of your choice

Bench Press (4-2-4-2-4-2)

Week 2

4 Reps are the same weight for all 3 sets. We are increasing on the 2 rep ranges.

Try and make an increase on last weeks 4 rep range and aim to finish slightly heavier on you r last set of 2 reps.

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

50 Clean & Jerks 60/40kg

On The Minute: 20 Double-unders

– Conditioning Category: Grind

– Flow: Starting at the 0:00, athletes will complete 20 double unders, then proceed to the barbell and start chipping away at the 50 clean and jerks. At the 1:00 mark, athletes will need to stop work on the barbell and complete another set of 20 double unders before going back to the barbell. Atheltes will continue on in this fashion until all clean and jerks have been completed.

– Score: Total Time



– Reduce Weight

– Single Dumbbell

– Double Dumbbell


– 30 Single Unders

– 15s Effort On Any Machine