Maree O’Brien

“I joined Crossfit Inventive about 5 months ago. The minute I walked into the gym I felt at home. No mirrors, no egos, just patient, expert & professional coaches. Jase and Tash are very safety conscious which is so important, especially for us more mature clients! I have exercised and been around gyms all of my adult life and have never felt as comfortable or looked as forward to going to the gym as I do at Inventive. The encouragement from the amazing coaching staff and the other members motivate you to be the best you you can be. The variety of disciplines and workouts makes every session a new experience and we are continuously challenged and learning new skills. Thank you Jase and Tash for your wonderful encouragement and support which filters down throughout all the members. I have never felt as fit and strong as I do now, both mentally and physically. Definitely-no one gets left behind.”

Ben Meakin

“I have been at CrossFit Inventive just over six months and I’m hooked! I’ve competed at a high level in sports throughout my life being exposed to many forms of fitness training and coaches alike but Jase and Tash at Inventive take the cake! What they offer and have created at their box is welcoming, caring and professional and best of all YOU GET RESULTS. It’s not training…it’s a lifestyle. They have changed my life!”

David Johnston

“I joined Crossfit Inventive around 5 months ago, I will admit that after watching the Facebook page & Instagram feeds for over 12 months I was a little nervous to step across the door. What I found though, was a group of people of different ages & abilities all with the same goal in mind- to get fit & healthy & have fun while doing it! I quickly found after meeting Jase and Tash, I had stepped into a gym which has awesome coaching and a place where everyone supports & encourages you to keep kicking your goals. My overall fitness has improved out of sight & whilst I am still not where I want to be yet, I can only keep improving over time.”

Patricia Rossi

“My journey with Crossfit inventive it only started 3 1/2 months ago. I am 58 years old and was suffering from the normal everyday aches and pains & was lacking strength. Taking the shopping bags from the car and up the stairs was a bit of an effort. I did walk everyday, but I knew that wasn’t enough, so one day my son ( who started Crossfit 12 months ago) said to me “ Mum Crossfit is something you probably don’t want to do but you NEED to do!! ” So I listened and phoned Jase & Tash at CrossFit Inventive, once I met them I knew it was the place for me! They made me feel comfortable, welcome, I can easily say part of their family. I now feel stronger & fitter, I am slimmer, and I look forward to training 5 days per week. I am still the slowest but am never ever left behind- there is always so much support and encouragement from Jason , Tash and every single member! I love it.”