I thought I would share a few ways of what I do to keep my healthy eating in tow while either away for a weekend on even on our family holidays… Now I know some say that holidays are for splurging and going into relax mode and really just doing whatever you want, whenever you want! And to a degree I totally agree with this and I don’t ever limit myself while on a holiday BUT in saying that I always feel A LOT better when I:

  1. Exercise and
  2. Eat Healthy!

So why not continue this while away from home!?

It can be hard work to stay on track, make healthy choices and feel good while on the go but the good news is, it is doable, here’s a few tips that might help!

Tips for at home, before you go:

  1. Eat a healthy meal before you go, stock up on healthy fats, protein, veggies and carbs so you aren’t starving by the time you get to the airport or hotel and find yourself reaching for the first thing possible to scoff down!
  2. PACK SOME SNACKS! Being a mum and step mum of 3 kids, I am legit the snack queen!! I’ve always got healthy snacks packed for the kids, my hubby and me! I never leave home without them. Some of our go to’s are: Carmen’s muesli bars, Peanut butter wraps, fresh fruit in a container and protein bars- they help to take away that sugar craving!
  3. Pack a protein shaker and put some powder into a container to take with you! It’s filling and much healthier than going for a chocolate milk or iced coffee at the airport plus…You can REFILL IT!!!

Tips for at the Airport:

  1. Take your own food! Not only are airports generally 3 times the price of normal café food, you might also find that the “healthy” rage is quite limited!
  2. If you are in a rush, its not the end of the world (maybe just your bank account!!) If you buy, take a look at what you are ordering, most places now will put the calorie or KJ count on their menu board, this is a great way to help you make a good decision as to what to order!
  3. If your only options are a fast food outlet, then maybe order a burger or a wrap but pass on the side of chips and soft drink!


Tips for on the aeroplane:

  1. If your ticket has included a meal generally there is a bit of option on what they serve, I know Virgin Australia now offer protein bars or balls as their in flight snack which is a great healthy option!
  2. Ask for a soda water with lime if you are craving soft drink or want something other than water.
  3. Pass on the pringles or cookies (because if you followed tip number 2, you should have a snack with you in the case of an emergency!!)

Tips for at the hotel:

  1. Book a self-contained room or Air bnb- these will always have a fridge and kitchen with cooking facilities!
  2. Stock up at the grocery store. On your first day go shopping; this will also save you money, as you wont have to eat out for every meal! It’s super easy to pick up some deli meat, fresh fruit and veggies! Since you asked for a self-contained room/Air bnb, you can store all of this in the fridge!
  3. If you’ll be in the same place for more than 2-3 days, getting a good old roast chook to throw in with your fruits and veggies is a great way to get good quality protein without needing to actually cook!
  4. OVERNIGHT OATS HACK!! Pour dry oats in the coffee cups that come in every room, add some water, milk or pick up some coconut water and let it sit overnight in the fridge. In the morning add in some protein powder, nuts or fresh fruit for added nutrients and flavour!

Tips for at the restaurant:

  1. Google the menu ahead of time and come up with a game plan that works for you! There will ALWAYS be a healthy option for eating out; you just have to look for it!
  2. Order something that is mostly a lean protein source and get a side salad or whatever vegetables they have. Swap the hot chips for sweet potato fries or even better drop them altogether!
  3. Ask for a bun less burger! They have become super popular now- you get all the tastiness of a good hamburger just without all the calories! Really it’s a WIN WIN!!
  4. Ask for dressing, sauce and aioli on the side. Dressings are often loaded with canola oil and added sugar, same with sauces and mayo! So I normally go without or ask for it on the side.

Tips for in your head:

  1. First and foremost- Decide if you want to stay on track or if you want to be in full “holiday” mode. Either way can work, just be ok with your decision.
  2. Remember that it’s ok to be hungry for an hour or two, you aren’t going to starve to death! Sometimes it’s worth waiting just that little bit longer to make a healthier choice. If you fall off track and have a splurge, don’t freak out; just get back on track as soon as you can. Its realty not the end of the world, try not to stress about it and don’t let it define the rest of your days eating habits!
  3. Last but not least, the most IMPORTANT tip:
    you don’t have to be perfect! Make choices that work best for you with what you’ve got. Choose the better option 80% of the time. That gives you some leeway to enjoy yourself and indulge from time to time because after all you are on holidays!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during holidays is doable and at the end of the trip getting back into every day life wont be as hard! Eating healthy while on holidays takes some effort, diligence and planning, but you totally have the power to make it a priority if you choose to.