‘There are no Shortcuts. Only hard work and dedication. Train hard and be patient. It will pay off’

As we approach the middle of winter many of us are really feeling the cold, our days are shorter and yes it is that little bit harder to get out of our warm cosy beds! With all this said… let me ask you this… Are you slipping into an “exercise rut?” Well… STOP EXERCISING AND START TRAINING!

“Exercising” is a temporary solution to the primary issue! You need to start training… Training is ongoing… you will be training to improve your strength and fitness, to stay in physical and mental shape and to achieve those goals you have on the goals board!


 Lets say you have a long-term goal of running a marathon. Is doing the same “exercise” (run) every single day going to get you there? Nope. Sure, it will help with your endurance and might help with your short-term goals but in order to keep improving and to succeed in achieving that marathon you need a ‘training’ plan to help you get there. This plan would not only include increasing your strength and endurance but also a nutrition plan to help with energy and recovery. THIS IS TRAINING. Once you have trained enough to achieve your goal you will be so proud and excited at what you have accomplished you will be hungry to set more. You will find yourself ready to train harder, run longer and push yourself past all those “exercise ruts”


Our advice when signing up to a gym is do your research. Have a read of their client testimonials- what do their clients say about their own personal journey? Does the gym offer variety? Or do they do the same boring “exercise” week in, week out?! (I really hope not!!) Do their coaches actually genuinely care about you learning and progressing and your well-being? Or are they just in in for the “extra membership money!?” If you are going to be investing your time and money make sure your coaches are doing the same!


Whether you are currently a part of our gym family or maybe you are thinking about it, we like to make sure we are holding each other accountable.

I know from my heart I can say we do. We genuinely care about you…  if we haven’t seen you for a week you will receive a txt or a Facebook msg to check in to see if everything is ok or simply to get your momentum flowing again!

We promise to continue to reach out, to push you to reach your goals and to keep you accountable… in return, promise us you will never give up on yourself.