There’s no mild way to say this – training with injuries BLOW!

The hard Truth is that niggle in your shoulder or elbow or that slight swelling in your knee will only get worse if you don’t give it the TLC & rest that it needs.

It’s HARD we know. . .

You’ve been training hard you are seeing results and you don’t want to stop now because of this slight “pain”.

Below are a few general tips if you are experiencing this:

  1. Get Professional Advice – Find out what the problem is from a professional- DON’T spend days or weeks checking out what Dr. Google says!
  2. Heal the Injury – Don’t just mask the pain… would you take painkillers for a broken leg in the hope it gets better?? Or would you see a professional to have it plastered and treated properly!!??
  3. Rest & Recover – Stop doing the movements that cause you pain- listen to the advice from your professional advisor (Physio/Doctor etc.)
  4. Sleep & Nutrition – Even though these two are always important food intake and a good sleep schedule will help to ensure a swift recovery from injury