CrossFit Inventive – Bullet Proof

Bench Press (Close grip Bench 4 x 8 @same weight. )

Close grip Bench 4 x 8 @same weight.

Build to a managable weight and complete 4 sets 8 reps with hands on the edge of the grip similar to a sumo deadlift high pull. Keep elbows in tight to your body. Working triceps and pecs.

Barbell Upright Row (3 x 10 Drop set 4th set. )

complete 3 sets of 10 reps at a managble weight. take 90 sec rest between the first 2 sets. After completeing the 3rd set minus 5-10kg depending on you weight and perform a following set of max reps.

Record max rep set.

Metcon (Time)


Aim to get 50 barbell bicep curls unbroken or with minimal breaks