CrossFit Inventive – Gymnastics


Red band:

20 Nose bridges

10 Forward Pulls each side

30 Tricep ext

20 Lat pullsdowns

10 RDL’s each side


10 x scap pull-ups

20 sec hollow hang

10 x kipping swings


L-Ring Holds

20 seconds On

40 seconds Off


Metcon (No Measure)

Ring Muscle up progressions

(3 sets) of:

Interval 1 – Full Support Hold on Rings x 15-20 seconds

Interval 2 – Catch Position Hold x 10 seconds (accumulate time if necessary)

Interval 3 – Ring Dip Negatives x 4 reps @ 30A1

*Attempt to descend to the deepest part of the dip you can still control without falling off the rings.

Followed by. . .

(3 sets) of:

Interval 1 – False Grip Static Hang x 10 seconds (accumulate time if necessary)

Interval 2 – Ring Pull-Ups Scaled x 4-5 reps (with or without false grip)

Interval 3 – Squatted Muscle-Up Transition x 4-5 reps

*The squatted muscle-up transitions are the transition only. Shoulders should be as near to the rings as possible for the duration of the reps (no pull-up nor dip)

**Keep this movement slow and controlled. There should be no point in the movement that you feel you are utilizing momentum, and there should be no part of the movement that feels like you “drop” into a position.

Metcon (Time)

Gymnastics Conditioning

4 sets of this Complex:

5 T2B

1 Bar muscle-up

3 T2B

1 Bar muscle-up

Rest as needed to go unbroken.