CrossFit Inventive – CrossFit


Frog Stretch 2 mins

Couch Stretch 60 seconds each side

Table Top Stretch 30 seconds

30 Second wrist forearm F/B

Puppy dog pose 30 sec

Twisted cross 30 E/S



20 Halo Glute Bridges

10 Good Mornings

10 Back Squats

3 Hang Snatch High Pulls

3 Hang Power Snatch


Back Squat (12-6-3)

Week 4:

Aim to push each set up on weight by 2.5-5kg max each working Set.

Back Squat “12-6-3”

12 Reps @ 105% of 10RM Back Squat

6 Reps @ 110% of 10RM Back Squat

3 Reps @ 117.5% of 10RM Back Squat


Working heavier percentages of your 10RM Back Squat in this piece

We’ll start with lighter weights/high reps and move towards heavier weights/lighter reps over these 3 sets

If you don’t have a 10RM test completed, you can estimate your 10RM as roughly 75% of your 1RM Max or 85% of your 5RM

Rest as needed between sets to maintain quality movement and unbroken sets

Metcon (Time)

“Empty Calories”


Machine Calories

Hang Power Snatch


(17 min cap)
*Scale weight as needed.

*Equal Calorie Any Machine (To Maintain Rep Scheme)

*Hang Power Clean if you have any overhead issues.