CrossFit Inventive – CrossFit


Frog Stretch 2 mins

Couch Stretch 60 seconds

Front Rack Stertch 30 Sec

Wrist stretch 30 sec Front/Back

30 Calf pumps



Halo Band:

2 Laps Crab Walks

2 Laps Monsters Walks

20 Glute Bridges

10 Air Squats

Metcon (Weight)

On Every 90 Seconds x 7 Sets:

2 Front Squats + 4 Back Squats.

GO: 0:00-1:30-3:00-4:30-6:00-7:30-9:00
Start with 2 front squats from the rack. Re rack the bar immediately into 4 Back Squats.

Find a light to moderate starting weight and build where you can over the 7 sets or ream at a light to moderate weight and focus on Depth and form.

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

AMRAP 3 minutes, Resting 3 Minutes between each set:

200m Run, 15 LBB, Max FS


200m Run, 12 LBB, Max FS


200m Run, 9 LBB, Max FS


200m Run, 6 LBB, Max FS


LBB= Lateral Bar Burpess

FS= Front Squats
Score is Toatl Front Squats only each round.