CrossFit Inventive – Olympic Weightlifting


Foam Roll Lats 1:00 e/s

1:00 T-Spine On Roller

1:00 Puppy Dog Pose On Roller

Frog 2:00

Spiderman Lunge Hold 0:30 e/s

3 sets

8 Banded Z-Press 1:1 with Partner


3 Snatch Deadlift

3 Snatch High Pulls

3 Power Snatch


3 Squat Snatch

Snatch Grip Deadlift + Snatch High Pull + Power Snatch (“Primer” GO E90 x 7)

Stay Moderate, perfecting your positions.

– Consistent Power Position

– Tight Bar-path

– High Elbows

– Reach full extension at the hips

– Pull under the bar fast

– Catch with Tight Shoulders

1 Pausing Power Snatch 1 Pausing Squat Snatch (GOE 90 x 7 )

Focus is on a solid catch.

Pausing for 2 seconds on the catch in the Power Snatch & the Squat Snatch.

If you cant hold the catch, you have gone to heavy.

Power Snatch (Volume: 1 Rep Every 15 Seconds x 20 (6 mins))

Choose a weight you can manage with no miises. Something that slightly Challenges your form but you can handle for 20 reps