CrossFit Inventive – Olympic Weightlifting


2 min frog stretch

30 sec couch stretch each side

30 sec spiderman lunge each side

60 sec puppy dog pose

30 sec wrist forearm stretch

30 sec green banded ankle mobility each side



20 wrist rotation stretches with the bar.

3 clean pulls

3 power cleans

3 front squats

3 squat cleans


1 x Clean Pull + 1 x Power Clean + 1 x Squat Clean (15 min emom x 1 rep)

This a long emom. Start light and build safely over the 15 sets.

This complex is Touch N Go reps.

Hang Clean (12 mins on technique)

Spend 12 mins working towards a safe single. Can be power or squat.

Go heavy but do not max out. Focus on form.

Fast elbows under bar and catching correctly with bum back and knees tracking over toes.