CrossFit Inventive – Pure Conditioning


20 scorpions front back

30 sec lower back/hipflexor E/S

20 Banded Glute bridges

20 Gren banded SLDL

5 Scap Pulls

5 Strict Push-ups

10 cals on Bike

10 Cals on Ski


Metcon (No Measure)

8 Rounds of 8 Exercises

20 Seconds On

10 seconds Off

1 minute rest between each set.

(40 minute running clock)

Strict Chin-up (underhand Grip)

Bike erg Calories

Handstand Hold/Walk Walk Hold

Bike erg Calories

Strict Push-ups

Ski erg Calories

Ab-mat sit-ups

Ski erg Calories

Break into even groups, no more than 4 per group.

*EG> If your group starts on the Strict Push ups, work to the bottom and back to the top.

*No more than 4 bikes and 4 ski’s out on the floor.