CrossFit Inventive – Pure Conditioning


Upright Hamstring Stretch 60 e/s

Spiderman lunge with rotation 60 e/s

Glute Stretch 30 e/s

20 Scorpions Front/Back


2 Sets

15/10 Cal Machine

5 Inchworms 1 Push Up

5 Air Squats – 1 second pause in bottom.

Metcon (Calories)

Machine Conditioning

Three Total Sets:




You’ll work for 4 minutes with a minutes rest, then 3 minutes with a minute rest and finally 2 minutes. This is 1 set, you’ll do this for 3 total sets with a two minute reset between rounds.
The aim here is for consistent calories across your working sets. A minutes rest is not a lot of time, so pace yourself. The second and third set will be tough as there isn’t a lot of rest compared to total work time.

Work hard and have fun.