CrossFit Inventive – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

15 x banded internal/external rotation

30 x nose bridges

20 x Pass throughs

3 x 5 scap pulls. 15 sec rest between sets.

1 set:

30 sec shuttle runs

30 sec Plank

30 sec shuttle runs

30 sec Hollow rock hold

30 sec shuttle run

30 sec Max HRPU


Max Strict Pull-ups (Complete 3 sets of max reps 2 mins rest)

Record you total reps over the 3 sets. Write in the comment box how you completed you three sets. E.G. 10-10-10.

You must aim to get minimum 5 reps each set. Volume will help you get stronger over time.

50 Handstand Push-ups (Time)

Complete 50 Handstand push ups for time with an 8 minute time cap.

Scale back to box handstand push ups.

Scale further to seated dumbbell strict press.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

5 rounds for time of: 20 minutes

1 minute max Bar muscle ups

1 minute max burpee box jump overs@24/20

1 minute minute max cal row

1 minute rest

* scale bar muscle ups to C2B/kiping/butterfly pull-ups.