CrossFit Inventive – CrossFit


Glute stretch 30 seconds each side

Lowerback/Hipflexor 30 each side

Puppy Dog Pose 30 sec each side

Twisted Cross 30 sec each side

Calf 30 sec each side



30 Calf Pumps

1 carpark run

10 Leg swings forward/Lateral

20 Banded Deadlifts

20 Banded Glute Bridges

5 Inchworms 1 Push-up

40 single skips

Metcon (Time)


“Capacity Builder”

For Time:


Unbroken Deadlifts

Total=84 reps


Building upper limit capacity and awareness in the deadlift today

In other words, not only the raw ability, but the awareness on when/where to push

Knowing ourselves in such a sense is a skill we will refine, as it’s strategy at the base level

Stimulus calls for a moderate load today.. we’ll push for heavier loads in the coming weeks

Visualize a weight we could cycle for 30+ reps unbroken

Better to go slightly lighter than slightly too heavy

For if we “break” a set in the middle, we need to repeat that set

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

15 Minute Amrap:

100m Double Kettlebell Front Rack Carry

20 HRPU’s

30 Double Kettlebell Deadlifts

40 Double Unders

RX= 2 x24/16kg
Scale Kettlebell weight as needed.

80 Singles if you cannot do Dubz. Or 45 Seconds of Practice.

HRPU’s from Knees if need be.