The shortcuts to losing weight that you will regret.

Fast diets, miracle pills, or suplemments that aim to replace meals are not helping you to loose weight and get fit.

Fat burner pills are put simply total li! Really the only weight to lose fat is a ‘Caloric Deficit’, you need to consume less calories that you burn, that’s it.

When Caloric Deficit happens and you’re consuming less calories than you burn at the gym on in your daily activities, your body needs fuel and the firts fuel of energy it is going to use is Fat, that’s when you loose weight. 

You don’t need to starve of hunger by eating less or only ‘Healthy’ food, try to set boundries in your eating habits and create a space to eat that food or dessert you like, try the 80/20 method, where 80% of your foods are clean, come from nature and vegetables, and the other 20% be more flexbible add a little bit of your favorite gravy or eat that cooking, don’t depreive yourself, that only cause you’ll choke on processed foods later. 

Work hard at the beginning, set boundries, create the habit, it takes time. It takes 21 days to learn a habit, so be patience, put in the hard work at the beginning, don’t try to do it fast because at the end you’ll get excaclty the opposite of what you wanted.