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Testing week. Whether you have been with us 1 day 0r 2 years it doesn’t matter, we are all sharing the same journey. I wish you all good luck!

You have all worked so hard this year.
Don’t be disappointed if you miss your Pb’s this week, think back to the day you started and how far you have come, you are already a winner!

If you do PB, lets celebrate & get behind one another’s achievements!
So excited!!

(No Measure)

Banded pull aparts

30 sec Spiderman lunge

5 x Inchworm + 1 push-up

20 Scorpions

Micro band crab walks


Bar progressions.

Clean (1RM (Rep Max))

20 Mins to Establish 1 RM Clean.

CLEAN= Squat or Power

Front Squat (1RM (Rep Max))

20 Mins to Establish 1 RM Front Squat.

Hip Crease MUST break parallel. Complete the movement by standing back up to reach full extension

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